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GolfHub offers coaching programs for juniors and competitive players in a academy based system and also lessons for club golfers. We offer training for tournament junior, elite amateur, college and professional players who aim at succeeding on European and US professional tours. Our programs are available for players from any country and any golf club.

All GolfHub academy programs are full-time, and players register for them for a minimum of 12-months. Technical training is done in the indoor GolfHub facility in Vantaa. In addition to technical training, our programs cover high level swing development, continuous technical development via video, strategic tournament preparation, tournament observation and support for players’ career planning. 

We strongly encourage our young players to seek scholarships in the US. We believe that college golf is a great option for a young player both from the perspective of the sport and for other areas of life. We provide guidance on finding the right school and successfully accomplishing the application process.

our programs

Our programs are segmented into 4 categories all with the same objective – to provide the best coaching system for all players in different age, development and skill levels.

1. ELITE JUNIOR: Junior golfers competing on junior tours and events at national and international level. Contact us for more info!

2. ELITE AMATEUR: Elite amateur golfers attending full-time coaching in Finland/Estonia and camps abroad. Contact us for more info!

3. ELITE COLLEGE: Elite amateurs attending college in the USA on golf scholarships. Contact us for more info!

4. PRO TOUR: Full time tournament professionals competing on minimum of 3rd level tours up to European or PGA Tour.  Contact us for more info!

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